Albanian Evangelical Mission - Seeks to make the gospel known to Albanian people


Answers in Genesis - Helps Christians defend the Bible with special emphasis on Creation


Association of Grace Baptist Churches (SE) - Offers support to churches and their leaders


Barnabas Aid - Gives hope and aid to the persecuted Church


Caring for Life - Shares the Love of Jesus with homeless or vulnerable people


Creation Ministries International - Helps Christians in the Creation/Evolution debate


Christian Prison Resources Ministries - Helps reach out to prisoners with the gospel 


Day One - Campaigns for Sunday to be a day of worship and rest.


Grace Baptist Mission - Helps local churches send out and support missionaries


Grace Baptist Assembly - Yearly assembly of Grace Baptist churches for fellowship


Grace Baptist Trust Corporation - Trustee services and professional advice


Grace Publication Trust - Publishing material promoting Baptist principles and the doctrines of Grace


International Mission to Jewish People - Seeks to make the Gospel known to Jewish people


Middle East Reformed Fellowship - Seeks to help believers in Arab and Muslim countries


Open Air Mission - Takes the Gospel into village, town and city centres


Pilgrims' Friend Society - Seeks to meet the needs of older Christians


SASRA - Soldiers' and Airmen's Scripture Readers Association


Slavic Gospel Association - Helps Christians among the Slavic nations of the world


Strict Baptist Historical Society - Encouraging interest in Strict Baptist history


The Christian Institute - Exists to promote the Christian religion in the UK 


Trinitarian Bible Society - Seeks to publish and distribute Bibles all over the world in many languages