We are a small Reformed Evangelical Baptist church who meet regularly to worship God and hear teaching from His word the Bible. We are part of the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (SE) and also have links to local FIEC churches. We support various missionary organisations and Christian societies with the aim of spreading the good news about the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world.

The word Providence expresses God's great love and care for us in providing what we need in this life, most especially in providing our need of forgiveness by sending His Son Jesus Christ to save us.

   We call ourselves a Baptist Church because we follow the Bible's teaching that all true Christians should be baptised by immersion in water.

There has been a Baptist Church on this site for at least 140 years, but the present Church was officially formed in 1933. Since then we have had three Pastors, David Steere from 1967 to 1976, Robert Dale from 1988 to 2002 and our current Pastor Ben Short who started here in 2008.

   The building has undergone various changes through its history. In 1998 the old side room was demolished and replaced by a larger multi-purpose area which is used for our worship services and other activities including our Discoverers and the Impact childrens groups.